Can Quick Fixes Effectively Fix Stress?


When we are stressed, we sometimes look for quick fixes such as cigarettes or drugs to help us feel better. However, these quick fixes do not help us. Instead it makes the for us worse. It gives us more stress than it took away.

The effects of quick fixes quickly come giving us a good feeling instantly, but it also quickly goes. The results are temporary. Because of this, we look for more of these quick fixes and become dependent on them. We become addicted to them just to get their effects. Take for example the effects of cigarette. The elements in the cigarette can give us a feeling of relaxation. However, after we stop smoking, our body gets back to its previous condition, or to a worse situation. Thus, we again have the desire to eliminate this undesirable situation. Knowing how the cigarette made us feel temporarily makes us want to reach for another one just to get temporary relief. All we become concerned with is how good we feel at the time being. We forget what we will feel after the effects of the cigarette have ceased.

The fact that it is addicting is in fact more stressful. We worry about losing supply of the source of the quick fix. Dependence makes us more prone to stressful situations. We get stressed easier and tend to need more of these quick fixes just because of a little stressor. Also, since the source of the quick fix becomes part of our habit, we take them even if we do not need them because if we stop taking them, we will feel nervous or depressed. They cease to be a quick fix and become an integral part of our system.

Also, because we become dependent on these fixes to make us feel good, our coping skills do not develop. There are healthy ways of dealing with stress such as thinking positively and developing the ability and strength to face the situation causing the stress. However, we do not develop this strength because the first thing that comes into our mind when we become stressed is not the cause of the stress and how to eliminate and deal with it. This is the case with insomnia too. We concentrate on the feeling it gives us and to the fact that we can do something to feel good quickly. We thus do not develop the maturity to face these situations on our own. We instead look for the escapes provided to us by these quick fixes.

Also, quick fixes often come at a high price. Obviously, they are expensive additions to our expenses. Also, they may cause certain negative effects such as illness that cause death. Thus, it is better to avoid these quick fixes and look for solutions that are long-term. So the next time you have the urge to take a quick fix, think. Will you get more by doing that or will it worsen the situation for you? The decision is yours.

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