Alternative Ways to Make You Sleep as Recommended by Chiropractors


Are you tired of tossing and turning at night, constantly courting sleep and miserably failing to win it over? Are the so-called time tested ways of inducing sleep not effective? Then, it is high time to try three unconventional techniques recommended by chiropractors to combat insomnia.

The Quiet Ears Technique

“Quiet Ears” is an ancient Chinese meditation style. Its effectiveness has been proven by the masters of this type of art. This technique has four simple steps.

STEP ONE: The starting position is lying flat on your back. Bring your two hands behind your head, cupping it. Make sure that your fingers are intertwined.

STEP TWO: Maintain your first position. Then cover your ear canal by folding the flap of your ears using your thumbs.

STEP THREE: Maintain your first two positions. Quietly listen for the buzzing sound in your ears. This is a result of blocking off all other sounds by covering your ears. The steady rhythm is the key to this meditation technique. Concentrate on this sound for about 15 minutes.

STEP FOUR: Put your arms on your side. Relax. And go to sleep.

The Sleeping North Approach

The second style is called “Sleeping North.” Its basic philosophy is tuning in your energy with that of the earth by aligning your position with the magnetic field of earth. By doing this, your energies will not counter the energies of our planet while it makes its way around the sun. Your body will then be able to harmonize its system with the position of our planet. This helps signal our body to relax since the position of the earth on those particular hours is not directly facing the heat of the sun. Night means time to rest. Thus, using a compass, find north and sleep with your head towards that direction.

The Toe Wiggling Method

The third style is simply called “Toe Wiggling.” This is a contribution from the science of reflexology. The key is relaxing your whole body by making the energy flow. The technique merely involves wiggling your toes, up and down 15 times.

Now, if any or all of these techniques still do not work in giving you a good night’s sleep, then chiropractors advice that it’s time to visit them so that they can perform a spinal adjustment that will restore your nervous health and help you get that sound sleep every night.

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